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V, the Despotic Quibbler


DisclaimerThis website ("One Oak Way") was developed as a hobby, an exercise on my passion for programming, NOLF, music, pictures and the Web. It uses HTML5 and CSS3, the newest revisions of these standards.

As such, this website is not compatible with browsers that do not support HTML5 which means it should work fine and as intended only in the newest well-behaved browsers. I recommend the use of Firefox or Chrome.

Test your browser: HTML5 Support | CSS3 Support

To keep my hobby fun and mens sana in corpore sano, I only test my pages in one computer, my own desktop computer, under one operating system, Windows 7 Ultimate, using one (big) monitor.

The whole shebang - website, NOLF servers, music streaming - runs in a dedicated but very old PC that I assembled back in 2000 (that's the 20th century!) so it will get slow or time-out sometimes.

Thank you for your understanding.

If you can see "(i5)" in the footer below, it means this website, its music streaming and all NOLF servers are currently and experimentally running in an Intel NUC i5.