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V, the Despotic Quibbler

How To Join a NOLF Game Server and Play Online


When you join a server via my NOLF Status page, your game will use your most recent customization. If you want to change your current customization, follow the explanation below.

Start the game normally, click the Advanced... button; you'll see the first Advanced Options dialog where you have already some choices. Click the Customize button and you will see the second Advanced Options dialog (picture below). You can then add your REZ files. Close both Advanced Options dialogs by clicking the OK button. Now, to save your options, you NEED to run NOLF once by clicking the Launch button, do not Quit yet. As soon as NOLF is loaded, you can then quit it: your new customization has been saved. Now, when you join a server via a link, your newly chosen current customization will be loaded and used.

NOLF Advanced Options dialog
Advanced Options dialog used by NOLF to customize user's experience.

Note that no information from your computer, like the REZ files that you use, nothing at all is transmitted back to my server or to me; it all happens locally, in your computer, and it stays local. Enjoy!